Gear Pump / Accessories

Simplify Installation and Increase Reliability

Accessories can be installed on your complete pump unit by Viking Pump or your distributor, or purchased separately.

Lid-Ease® Basket Strainers

Protect your pumps and systems with our versatile strainers....

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Eaton Strainers

Eaton Strainers are now available through Viking Pump....

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Duplex Fuel Oil Sets

Custom system solutions built to meet your fuel oil needs..

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Drive Configurations

Entire pumping systems that are factory assembled and shipped for..

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Viking Offset Reducers

Get the control you need out of your pump and motor combination....

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Viking Inline Gear Reducers

High efficiency and low noise reducers that make pump control easy....

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NORD Helical Gear Reducers

Reduce your driver's synchronous speed to the speed required....

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Power Load Monitors

Monitor pump and system problems and alarm or shut down the pump ...

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