Air Operated Double Diaphragm / Accessories

Leak Detection

Electronic versions provides a signal via warnings lights, an audible alarm, or the pump can be shut down. Visual versions simply have a sight tube that fills with fluid if a diaphragm breaks. Mechanical leak detection opens an air valve, which activates a customer supplied solenoid to trigger a signal. For use with the Containment Duty Spill Containment SANDPIPER pumps only.

Pulse Output Kit

Offered in a wide variety of sizes and voltages. These controls interface with the SANDPIPER Batch Controller, or your own process controls (PLC’s). Available in kits for field installation, or factory built into a new pump.


Rugged polymer or metallic housing that work as effective sound dampening for SANDPIPER pumps, meeting OSHA dBA requirements.

Air Line Solenoid

Provides automatic on/off operation of air-driven equipment. 110/120VAC and 220/240VAC (50/60 hertz) kits operate with the SANDPIPER or customer’s control units. 12VDC and 24VDC kits operate with customer-supplied controls only.

Inlet Stabilizer

Blacoh® Sentry® Inlet Stabilizers reduce pressure fluctuations and assist pump head filling during each inlet stroke. In high suction applications, stabilizer will momentarily maintain the flow of the accelerated fluid.

Stroke Counter/Batch Control

Offers performance and repeatability with an interfaceable electronic control to program repetitive diaphragm pump operations. The complete system requires the Batch Controller, the Pulse Output Kit & the Air Line Solenoid.

Water Separator

This point-of-use water separator is designed to remove 99% of the water, rust and other contaminants commonly present in compressed air lines. Clean, dry air enhances the life and performance of pneumatically-driven equipment.